Our goal

This section will be added soon.SingAnt aims to strengthen cooperation between Antwerp and Singapore. This in multiple domains such as culture, health, education, scientific research, tourism and community development.

They will be working closely with both embassies (New Zealand / Singapore) and the local authorities.

Because of this we have a very large network in Singapore and Antwerp. So we can explain very quickly bridges between partners in all sub-domains.

We investigate the gain in a cooperation and bring partners into contact with one another. This is done at the request of a partner or an

Our working method

Both in Singapore and Antwerp SingAnt regularly organizes networking opportunities. In this way, learning the various partners know each other and create new ideas and new models of collaboration.

The first exploratory talks are conducted by us at a later stage to discuss the partners billateraal the details of their agreement.

At the request of our partners, we also ensure the monitoring of these agreements ended. The overall effect creates very common for a new crossovers and new procten through the various domains. 


SingAnt is a non-profit organization founded in 2005.

The idea grew out of the economic cooperation between the two cities. The mega investment of PSA in our Port of Antwerp is a very clear example.

But may also be mentioned the presence of Keppel Seghers in Zwijndrecht.

Both cities have a lot in common. Singapore is clearly the gateway to South - East Asia and Antwerp as a world port, chemical cluster and world capital of the diamond a very important economic hub in Europe.

Nevertheless led the cooperation between the two cities also unrest. A key opened Antwerp newspaper, following the publication of the PSA investment in the port, "Antwerp is selling its crown jewels to Singapore."

The unions spoke of a great danger for employment in the port of Antwerp.
SingAnt arose as a response to this unrest.